What is IBHS?

IBHS is the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, a nonprofit research and communications organization funded by the property insurance industry.

What does IBHS do?

IBHS delivers top-tier science and translates it into action so they can inform the insurance industry, prevent avoidable suffering, strengthen homes and businesses, and support thriving communities. IBHS focuses on the interaction of severe weather and the built environment. Their expertise encompasses engineering, meteorology, fire science, materials science, public policy, analytics, and other areas of continuously advancing science. They unite these disciplines to understand how weather behaves and how structures respond to severe weather conditions.

While not all damage can be avoided, IBHS science demonstrates that Americans are not powerless against severe weather—it is possible to tangibly reduce the damage inflicted every year. We know it is possible, affordable, and just plain good sense to construct and retrofit buildings to be strong enough to defend against these threats. For this to occur, IBHS translates building science research into guidance for use by home and business owners, building professionals who design and build the places where people live and work, manufacturers who produce the materials used in construction and retrofits, and public policymakers who shape how our built environment will look and perform. As knowledge expands through innovative research, IBHS looks for new insights and opportunities to drive resilience for the future.

For more information about IBHS, visit IBHS.org .