Grant Program Rules

This document describes the Terms and Conditions of the Strengthen Your Roof Grant Program for Participating Policyholders.


North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association (NCIUA) is a non-profit underwriting association engaged in writing essential property insurance established by Article 45 of Chapter 58 of the North Carolina General Statutes. NCIUA is not an agency or facility of the State of North Carolina. No federal, state or local funds are used to support or subsidize NCIUA operations.

NCIUA, in accordance with statute and its plan of operation and supported by the North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance, pursues mitigation efforts in North Carolina’s beach region to increase the resiliency of property against catastrophic wind events. As such, NCIUA has implemented an affirmative Pilot Grant Mitigation Program titled Strengthen Your Roof ("Grant Program"). The Grant Program is designed to improve the resiliency and weather-resistance of properties insured by NCIUA. The Grant Program will provide money to offset some of the replacement costs for qualified roofs to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety("IBHS") "FORTIFIED Home™ with new roof cover" standard.

IBHS is an organization that sets the standards required to obtain the IBHS designation FORTIFIED Roof™. FORTIFIED Home™ utilizes engineering and building standards developed by IBHS to mitigate wind-related hurricane damage and includes evaluation and inspection requirements to ensure the technical standards are properly implemented, resulting in the designation of a home as meeting the FORTIFIED Roof™ requirements. For more information, see the IBHS website at

Eligibility to Submit Application

The Grant Program is available for policyholders who (1) occupy the property (2) have a HO2, HO3 or HO8 Homeowners Policy or a HW2, HW3 or HW8 Homeowners Wind policy with NCIUA that is currently effective and was effective on or before March 15, 2019, and (3) whose property is located in certain areas of the North Carolina Outer Banks or Barrier Islands (rating territories 110 and 120). A Participating Policyholder must meet all three (3) of these criteria to be eligible to apply for the Grant Program. Submission of an application does not guarantee program eligibility.

Application Period

TThe Application Period shall be from April 15, 2019 through August 1, 2019 or until the total program fund is fully committed to the eligible applicants received prior to August 1, 2019. All applications under this Grant Program must be received by NCIUA during the Application Period.

Grant Amount

A qualified Participating Policyholder may receive only one grant with a maximum amount of up to $6,000. The total fund amount of the Grant Program is $10,000,000 for 2019 to be reserved on a "first come, first served" basis.

Other Terms and Conditions

The Participating Policyholder acknowledges and agrees that IBHS and the FORTIFIED Evaluator will determine whether the property meets the IBHS requirements to be eligible for the Grant Program. A Participating Policyholder must complete the roof replacement and receive the FORTIFIED designation by July 1, 2020.

The objective of this Grant Program is to assist eligible policyholders who have voluntarily decided to replace their current roofs without having an insured loss for damages requiring a roof replacement. Therefore, if the policyholder experiences a covered loss under an NCIUA policy that ultimately results in payment by NCIUA to replace the entire roof covering, then this Grant Program will not apply. However, policy endorsement PF 01 06, which is automatically included on policies written in territories 110 and 120, may apply. If so and if elected by the policyholder, NCIUA may pay up to $5,000 for the policyholder to upgrade to an IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™, subject to policy terms and conditions. No policyholder can benefit from both the coverage provided by the PF 01 06 endorsement and the Grant Program.

If the policyholder experiences a covered loss under the NCIUA policy of less than 51% to the roof covering, NCIUA may pay to replace or repair the covered damage to the roof, subject to policy terms and conditions. In this scenario, policy endorsement PF 01 06 does not provide coverage for an IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ upgrade. However, if the policyholder decides to voluntarily replace their entire roof covering, the policyholder may apply for up to a $6,000 grant under this Grant Program.

The Grant Program provides the policyholder with a list of Participating Contractors who have experience in IBHS construction methods. For the policyholder’s convenience, a list of Participating Contractors can be found on the website Policyholders can also choose a contractor who is not listed as a Participating Contractor. NCIUA makes no representation or warranty of any kind as to the training, capability, work quality or actual performance of any contractor.

Participating Policyholder acknowledges and agrees that IBHS is the organization that sets the standards required to obtain the IBHS designation "FORTIFIED Roof™" and that IBHS sets the standards for educating, certifying and providing oversight to IBHS FORTIFIED Evaluators.

NCIUA will distribute grant funds to the Participating Policyholder only after the following have been submitted to the Association: (1) the IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ Certification, (2) a final invoice from the contractor, and (3) a completed W-9 which provides the Participating Policyholder's taxpayer identification number (or other necessary tax information). The Participating Policyholder is responsible for payment to the contractor for any work performed on the property, including any/all amounts in excess of the received grant. NCIUA shall have no payment liability to any contractor.

Grant funds may carry tax liability for the Participating Policyholder. The Participating Policyholder accepts responsibility for all tax liability that may be associated with the receipt of the grant. The Participating Policyholder should consult with a tax advisor regarding tax implications of receiving any grant funds.

The Participating Policyholder acknowledges that NCIUA is relying on the information provided in the Participating Policyholder's application for the Program.

The Participating Policyholder may not assign or transfer any of Participating Policyholder's rights, benefits or obligations under the Grant Program without NCIUA's prior written consent.

The Participating Policyholder acknowledges and agrees that NCIUA does not guarantee any work by any contractor, IBHS, or the IBHS FORTIFIED Evaluator, and does not guarantee any products, materials or methods used in the roof replacement. Participating Policyholder acknowledges that unknown, unexpected or unforeseen problems or hidden damage may arise during construction and agrees that NCIUA is not liable for any such problems, damage or associated costs. The Participating Policyholder agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless NCIUA of and from all loss, damage and expense by reason of any claim, demand or suit related to the performance of the roof replacement pursuant to the Grant Program, or otherwise related in any way to the Grant Program.

Any dispute between a Participating Policyholder and NCIUA shall be resolved through the administrative process contained in its Plan of Operation, N.C. Gen. Stat §58-45-50 and N.C. Gen. Stat. §58-2-75.