The FORTIFIED Roof™ program was created to provide a set of resilient construction standards for strengthening roofs against natural disasters.


FORTIFIED Roof™ construction standards were developed based on extensive field and lab research of structural damage caused by wind. Your roof is your first line of defense. In fact, research shows the roof is the most important component of every building as well as the most vulnerable. For this reason, IBHS replicates hurricanes in their lab to ensure FORTIFIED roofs will stand up to real world weather.


Homeowners with FORTIFIED Homes™ have greater peace of mind during storms because they know they decreased the chances of wind and water damage to their roofs.

  • Strength:
  • Superior performance in the face of severe weather
  • Savings:
  • Insurance premium discounts
  • Value:
  • Research suggests enhanced resale value
  • Affordable:
  • Reasonable costs compared to the benefits of a FORTIFIED Roof™
  • Security:
  • Comfort knowing that your home is built to higher standards

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    Strengthening Your Roof – FORTIFIED Roof™ Modifications