The Grant Process

  • Application

    • Policyholder - The policyholder will submit the grant application through the Strengthen Your Roof website within the application period.
      • The policyholder will check eligibility by selecting “Check Initial Eligibility” button on the Strengthen Your Roof website.
      • The policyholder will be prompted to create a user log in and confirm their account.
      • Once their account is completed, the policyholder can log in to their account to fill out the application.
      • The grant application requires at least four photographs: front, back, left, and right sides of the home. During the application review process, additional photos may be needed in order to determine eligibility. The Grant Team will reach out to the policyholder if additional photos are necessary.
      • Grants are limited and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If funding is exhausted prior to December 31, 2024, the application will be added to a waiting list.
  • Review

    • NCIUA Grant Team - The Grant Team at NCIUA reviews the application for pre-eligibility.
    • IBHS - IBHS reviews the application to verify that the property is eligible for an IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™. Once IBHS approves the application, the grant funds are reserved for the policyholder.
  • Construction

    • Policyholder - After the application is approved, the policyholder requests bid(s) from contractor(s) through the Strengthen Your Roof dashboard.
      • The policyholder can decide how many bids to obtain.
      • NCIUA provides an extensive list of contractors who are experienced and knowledgeable about IBHS and the IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ Program.
      • If the policyholder would like to choose a contractor not on the list, call 1-844-NCROOFS (844-627-6637) to coordinate an alternative selection.
    • Contractor - The contractor receives notification that the policyholder has requested a bid. The contractor logs in to the Strengthen Your Roof dashboard to upload a bid sheet for the policyholder. At this time, the contractor may recommend a preferred FORTIFIED Evaluator for the construction project. The Policyholder will be required to approve the use of the Contractor’s preferred FORTIFIED Evaluator.
    • Policyholder - The policyholder logs in to the Strengthen Your Roof dashboard to review the contractor(s) bid(s) and select their desired contractor. If the selected contractor has a preferred FORTIFIED Evaluator for the construction project, the policyholder is required to provide approval.
      • If the contractor does not have a preferred FORTIFIED Evaluator, the Strengthen Your Roof Grant Team will have one assigned.
      • If the policyholder wishes to use a different FORTIFIED Evaluator from their contractor’s, please email or call 1-844-NCROOFS (844-627-6637) for assistance.
    • NCIUA Grant Team - Once the policyholder has selected their contractor and FORTIFIED Evaluator, the FORTIFIED Evaluator will be notified of the new assignment.
    • FORTIFIED Evaluator - Upon receipt of the assignment, the FORTIFIED Evaluator will be required to accept the assignment via email.
      • The FORTIFIED Evaluator will be assigned to inspect the property and collect details before, during, and after the project to verify the roof materials and construction meet FORTIFIED standards so an IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ designation can be awarded.
    • NCIUA Grant Team - Once the FORTIFIED Evaluator has acknowledged the new assignment, an email will be sent to the policyholder and contractor providing the evaluator’s contact information.
      • No work should begin until all parties have been in communication.
    • Policyholder, FORTIFIED Evaluator, & Contractor - The policyholder, evaluator, and contractor must be in communication throughout the duration of the construction.
      • After receiving NCIUA and IBHS approval, the IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ must be installed before July 31, 2025.
  • Final Approval

    • FORTIFIED Evaluator - After the construction is complete, the FORTIFIED Evaluator will confirm the roof has been completed per required IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ standards and submit all required documentation to IBHS.
    • IBHS - IBHS reviews the required documentation and provides the IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ designation certificate to the evaluator.
    • FORTIFIED Evaluator & NCIUA Grant Team - The evaluator works with NCIUA to have the IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ designation certificate uploaded to the policyholder's dashboard.
    • Contractor - Once the IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ designation certificate has been awarded, the contractor will receive notification to upload the final invoice to the Strengthen Your Roof dashboard. The Contractor Final Invoice is needed before the policyholder may be paid.
    • Policyholder - When the IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ designation certificate and final invoice from the contractor have been received, the policyholder may log in to the Strengthen Your Roof dashboard to complete a W-9 to receive grant payment.
  • Payment

    • NCIUA Grant Team - NCIUA will distribute grant funds to the policyholder only after the following have been submitted to the Association: (1) the IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ designation certificate, (2) a final invoice from the contractor, and (3) a completed W-9 which provides the policyholder's taxpayer identification number (or other necessary tax information).

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Words from Our Past Grant Recipients

The Strengthen Your Roof process has truly been a very smooth and rewarding one for us. We are so pleased with our new FORTIFIED Roof, the workmanship of the installers, our evaluators, and of course, [NCIUA's] direction and assistance during this entire process. Thank you so much for this opportunity to participate in the Strengthen Your Roof Program.
I certainly appreciate this great incentive to provide greater protection for my home and would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone involved in this process. Whether by phone or email, each [Strengthen Your Roof team member] was always patient, knowledgeable, kind, efficient and professional.
I just wanted to take a minute and compliment the North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association reroofing program. From start to finish, everything was handled in a professional and expeditious manner. The website was very user-friendly and easily navigated throughout the entire process. [NCIUA's] staff was knowledgeable and engaged.
Thank you for your helpful assistance and professionalism during this process. It has been a pleasure working with [the Strengthen Your Roof team]. Every time I had occasion to contact NCIUA, the person I talked to was unfailingly courteous and helpful. In my book, NCIUA is truly a first-rate organization with decidedly competent personnel.

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