Take Advantage of this Pilot Program

You could receive up to $6,000 towards replacing your current roof with a FORTIFIED Roof™. Don't miss out - Apply!

Be an active-status NCIUA policyholder with coverage effective on or before March 15, 2019
Located on the Outer Banks and Barrier Islands (rating territories 110 and 120)
Have an eligible Homeowners or Homeowners Wind policy
Secure a grant. Learn more.

FORTIFIED Roof™ Modifications

Nailing the Roof Deck

Re-nailing the roof deck to double its uplift strength

Tape Installation

Sealing the roof deck and upgrading roof vents to reduce the chances of water intrusion through the roof by more than 90%

Installing Edge Metal

Upgrading shingle roof installation

Metal Roof

Ensuring that metal roof installations have engineering to improve resistance to high winds

The Grant Process

  • Application

    Submit the grant application and required documentation to NCIUA beginning on April 15, 2019. NCIUA and IBHS will review the application for initial eligibility. If approved, policyholder will obtain bid(s) from contractor(s) and select one to install an IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™.

  • Review

    IBHS will assign a trained Evaluator to work with the policyholder and contractor.

  • Construction

    The contractor will start strengthening your roof. Work must be scheduled and completed by July 1, 2020.

  • Final Approval

    Validation of the roof replacement will be done by an IBHS Evaluator to confirm the roof has been completed per required IBHS standards.

  • Payment

    Policyholder will submit all required documentation to initiate distribution of grant funds. Payment may be taxable. Consult your tax advisor.